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Balanced Leadership for Our Community

My husband Dusty and I have lived in Liberty Lake for 12 years with our two young daughters, Brooklyn (12) and Callie (8). We are both from Montana and met while at Montana State University in Bozeman. I graduated from MSU with a degree in Sociology and Justice Studies, and returned for a Master's Degree in Health and Human Development. 

I am a regular volunteer in my daughter's classroom and at some events at the school, and I volunteered at a local NICU to hold infants who were withdrawing from substances. I was chair of my neighborhood Advisory Committee for five years, and involved in, or the chair of, two other neighborhood groups. 


In 2017 we purchased a 1960 vintage camper and I have spent the last few years fixing it up and taking our daughters camping around Washington and Idaho. When we are not camping, we are here in town enjoying the community events such as the Farmer's Market, or relaxing in our yard enjoying the sunsets. 

I enjoy working with people, listening to different perspectives, weighing impacts, and coming together as a team to decide the best path forward.  I am one of seven votes, but I try to ensure that my vote not only upholds the law, but reflects the will of the community. 


It means something to me to be able to contribute to my community. I remain committed to contributing ideas, time, energy, passion, and productive conversations that result in thoughtful additions to our community and enhance the livability of our city. I offer a balanced perspective, integrity, confidence, a focus on listening to residents, and a commitment to effectiveness, efficiency and timely solutions.

I hope that voters will find me to be a person they can trust to do this work on their behalf so that they can spend their time enjoying our beautiful city.


Education and Professional Experience

I graduated from Montana State University in Bozeman, with a degree in Sociology and Justice Studies, and returned for a Master's Degree in Health and Human Development. 


I have worked at the city, county or state level in four states, and have experience in strategic planning, needs assessment, policy development, quality assurance, budgeting, community development, performance based contracting, contract negotiation, monitoring a $15 million dollar budget, and have an enthusiasm for developing policies and projects that are community focused and sustainable. In addition to my relevant skills, I am a woman who has a passion for contributing to my community. I offer a balanced perspective, integrity, confidence in vocalizing ideas and tough questions, and a commitment to timely resolution of important issues.

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