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I am running for re-election because we need strong leaders who will consistently engage with residents, identify balanced solutions and ideas, and cast votes that accurately reflect the will of the people. I remain committed to investing in essential community services such as public safety, roads and infrastructure, and staff who make our city run. I am excited to continue planning thoughtfully for long term growth of the city and will remain a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars as we balance investments with budgets. I would be honored to have your vote, and to continue to serve in our community. 
My Commitment to You

Elections and campaigns are exhausting and often very negative.  It’s all too often that we see candidates attacking their opponents, working to create fear where none should exist, spreading misinformation to confuse voters, and rallying their constituents to create divisions in our communities.  I’d like to do my part to change the dynamic, because a) I am not a career politician, b) negativity is unhealthy, and c) I am a leader in this community. I don’t have control over my opponent or other candidates, but I do have control over myself—character matters.  As such, here is what you can expect from me this campaign season:


There will be NO:


1.     Degrading

I will not degrade my opponent. Frankly, he seems like a good candidate and has a lot of experience—I respect him. More importantly, leaders tearing one another down doesn’t do anything positive for the community. It is a waste of time and shows a lack of character.

2.     Labels

I likely will not fit into your label. This is a non-partisan position. I have had the chance to declare myself as either a Republican or a Democrat - I haven’t.  My goal is to make the right decisions for our community, regardless of whether those decisions are labeled or assumed to be progressive or conservative.  Quite frankly, you will more often than not find me somewhere in the center.  I will continue to serve in a non-partisan way if re-elected. 

3.     Drama

People love a good Facebook fight or conspiracy. I’m sitting those out. It is intentional.  I’ve learned that those who partake in those conversations are rarely interested in the truth, logic, or reason. There is no point in participating.  The community doesn’t need all of the negative noise. We have work to do.  


This is a serious job. 


I intentionally don’t make time for all of the political games; I have work to do. I am focused on hearing from the community and making sound decisions based on facts, data, and our bottom line.  


If you think a local elected official should be serious about working together, listening to what residents have to say, and making strategic investments in our community—I would be honored to do that work. Moreover, I would be honored to work alongside ANY candidate in our community who has stepped up and is committed to making local decisions based on local needs, not rhetoric. 


If you want a city leader who is reasonable, who will listen to and consider your concerns, with a strong focus on solutions—I would love to represent you and the City of Liberty Lake, and I hope you will cast your vote for me.

Vision and Priorities

To ensure Liberty Lake remains a safe city, with excellent schools, well maintained roads, a diverse tax base, vibrant local businesses and that we continue to make strategic investments in our infrastructure that increase safety, enhance our community, and increase the livability of Liberty Lake.

I love living in Liberty Lake, and I want the absolute best for our city. That is my agenda. 

Building Community
Strategic Planning
Balanced Decision Making
Responsible Investments
Community Driven Decisions

I am confident in vocalizing ideas and tough questions, passionate about good stewardship of taxpayer dollars, focused on thoughtful planning and sustainable growth, and committed to listening to the perspective of residents. 

Experience That Matters

I have worked in four states in city, county and state government. I have had the opportunity to work in rural Astoria, OR, mid size towns in Montana, the urban county of Spokane, and the metro area of Denver, CO. Each area that I have worked has given me the opportunity to work with people of different cultures and ethnicities, various religions, people who speak different languages, and be exposed to different customs and traditions. That exposure has impacted how I see the world, and has made it evident that it is important to know the people in your community if you are going to be afforded the opportunity to represent them.

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